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Building an Online Center that Refines the Art of Writing

Pearson is the world’s leading education company. Among the offerings of their higher education group are the Mastering and MyLabs learning platforms that allow instructors to create tailored classroom assignments for students to complete and submit online. Pearson wanted the platforms to simulate the critical and personal support delivered in classrooms, and hired Mad*Pow to help. Mad*Pow designed and developed a feature that supplies writing, grading, and grammar guidance and makes writing as easy as riding a bike. (You thought we’d say A, B, C?)

Project Highlights:

  • Facilitated discussion about teacher and student needs
  • Incorporated features to strengthen writing skills, ensure plagiarism prevention, and replicate peer review process
  • Collaborated with Pearson team on rapid development of responsive solution accessible across multiple devices

Writing’s Critical Components

The new MyLab Writing Space stands in for teachers in certain key areas: writing practice, editing, citation, and plagiarism checks. A robust help center offers students easy, instant access to tutorials, grammatical resources, and sample documents. A simulated peer review system permits students to learn together and from each other. And integrated access to global plagiarism system Turnitin allows students to check their work before submission.

Lessening a Heavy Load

A teacher’s day can be eaten up by paper management. The MyLab Writing Space deftly coordinates the assigning, tracking, collecting, and grading of work, streamlining teachers administrative tasks. Teachers are freed to focus on curriculum development and quality instruction instead of paper shuffling.

Collaborative Development Features Revisions

Our collaborative approach lent itself to in-process changes and iterative development. The MyLab Writing Space quickly found success with teachers and students alike, and each offered ideas for improvement. Soon after its initial release, the Mad*Pow-Pearson team was hitting the books again, adding the peer review process that makes every student a teacher—an educated critic of their own and others’ writing.

The Lab Pens a Winning Story

Pearson’s MyLab Writing Space became an extension of the classroom and a time-saving feature without sacrificing quality instruction. With Writing Space, students literally carried the classroom in their backpacks. Check out the video here.

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Building an Online Center that Refines the Art of Writing

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