Staying in the Hospital? There’s an App for That

When you’re in the hospital — for a long, in-patient stay or a short, out-patient procedure — understanding what is going on with your health can be difficult. You’re under stress, on medications, listening to medical jargon, and maybe even a little bored if you’ve been there a while. Mad*Pow’s client, PadInMotion, developed an app prototype designed to make the process of being in the hospital less arduous. Pre-loaded on a hospital iPad, the app contains a mix of entertainment (including movies and TV) as well as patient education and tools that help patients prepare for procedures and post-operative care. PadInMotion hired Mad*Pow to improve the visual and user appeal of their prototype app to help the company attract further investment and adoption by hospitals.

Project Highlights
• Showcased Mad*Pow’s expertise in the medical field and patient experience
• Top-notch user interface design and creative in league with more expensive consumer apps
• Positioned the patient story in the heart of product development

Patient-Centric Design
After conducting stakeholder interviews, competitive reviews and internal brainstorming, Mad*Pow agreed that the patient should be at the heart of the app. This would ensure the end experience would be informed by empathy for the patient’s situation. We developed 3 patient-centric design concepts and extended the “winning” concept to six total iPad screens. Our final report to the client focused on both short- and long-term app capabilities considerations — including extending the app to mobile phones —and contained a roadmap of all the recommended features to improve the usefulness and entertainment value of the app. We also created Photoshop files that the client’s developer could use to code the new user interface.

Shifting Requirements
While Mad*Pow’s assignment was initially narrow in scope, it became obvious that the client really needed a longer-term product strategy. We suggested a way forward by adding project management considerations to their strategy — for example, how to use rapid prototyping and usability testing to evaluate the feasibility and desirability of features before moving to development. In the end, Mad*Pow became trusted advisors to PadInMotion and set the client on the right path to meet its objectives.

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Staying in the Hospital? There’s an App for That


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