Making Primary Research Fun and Rewarding

McGraw-Hill, a leader for more than a century in providing high-quality information and analysis across global markets, wanted an easy and compelling way for students to research the sources for its textbook. It tapped lead agency Historicus with Mad*Pow serving as Historicus' vendor to build an immersive, media-rich tool that users would find entertaining and useful. By re-organizing vast amounts of information and presenting it in a compelling design with built-in features for annotating and sharing, the eLearning Experience raised the bar for student research tools.

Project highlights:

  • Partnership with another agency for an effective, multi-company collaboration
  • Re-organization and prioritization of hundreds of primary and secondary sources
  • Multi-media rich tool that integrates documents, images, maps, and video
  • Compelling and immersive experience that dove tails with a textbook
  • Integrated, student-friendly capabilities to annotate and share information

Collaboration, Content Management, and Creativity Reset Research Expectations

The eLearning Experience demanded a solid working partnership between three organizations focused on a single goal. The foundation of the project required exceptional content management—the auditing, organizing, and prioritization of material from over 650 primary and secondary sources, including scans of historical documents and images as well as a variety of video. With so much content, overall success depended on developing a tool that was easy to use but enabled exploration in depth. The final addition was a set of capabilities for students to annotate the source material, form arguments, and share information.

A Tool That Drives Competitive Differentiation and Demonstrates Innovation

For students, the eLearning Experience delivered an unprecedented ability to explore, learn, and collaborate. For McGraw-Hill, the tool set it apart in a crowded market, making it clear that while the company may have been around for a long-time, its ideas and products were cutting edge.


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McGraw Hill
Making Primary Research Fun and Rewarding

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