Building an Effective Sales Story

A leading financial services firm approached Mad*Pow for help with its sales process. The client’s sales reps needed a better way to show prospective corporate customers the features and benefits of its online retirement savings system. Using the online system itself during demos was proving problematic: reliable Internet connections weren’t always possible at customer locations, and reps were required to go through several administrative screens, which broke the flow of their sales pitch narrative. Mad*Pow solved the client’s problem by developing a stand-alone laptop/workstation demo that visually and efficiently helped reps tell their sales story.

Project Highlights:

• Research-inspired design
• Intricate, yet lightweight code
• Provided app governance and roadmap for future

Refining Concepts through Research

Initially, both the client and Mad*Pow thought the solution to the client’s problem should be a demo that fully mirrored the client’s online retirement savings system. However, after conducting in-depth interviews with client sales reps and brokers responsible for pairing financial services firms with corporate clients, Mad*Pow concluded that the reps really needed to quickly tell a story about the system, not show the whole thing.

Customizable Story Telling

Based on its research, Mad*Pow created a stand-alone demo for workstations and laptops. A series of tabs in the demo help the client’s sales reps move easily and quickly through their sales story. The demo is customizable, so sales reps can add customer logos and change customer scenarios – like wealth amounts — to fit their needs. Not only did the stand-alone demo eliminate the need for an Internet connection at the point of presentation, it also afforded additional security measures. Because Mad*Pow populated the demo with simulated data, the sales reps would no longer need to access their back-end systems.

Ensuring Success

Mad*Pow’s engagement with the client included a two-day workshop in which we conducted a number of outside-the-box design activities to help the client understand our methodologies and how we produce results. We also created a demo roadmap. This PDF document mirrored all the demo’s screens and flows and included a voice-over to help new reps learn to tell the client’s sales story. The roadmap provided strategies for planning future updates to the demo as well.

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Leading Financial Services Firm
Building an Effective Sales Story

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