large hospital system

Designing a unified solution that’s both easy to use and easy on the eyes

When large healthcare organizations merge, their brands collide, and the resulting experience can often leave patients confused. Smart healthcare organizations seize this opportunity to architect an approach that delivers simplicity – where the sum is truly greater than the parts. This was the case when three large hospital systems merged, and Mad*Pow helped the acquiring organization design a new, combined responsive web experience that helped bring service lines together elegantly for area patients and their families. Mad*Pow developed interactive prototypes, crafted beautiful visual elements and authored patient-friendly content, all organized within an intuitive navigational structure.

Project Highlights:

  • Created navigation, content, and user interface that specifically related to the needs of patients.
  • Designed a digital experience that was flexible to user needs and preferences.
  • Unified many diverse brands, staff, systems, and services under one visually appealing brand umbrella, while celebrating the local flavor of each facility.

A warm and welcoming digital experience

Given the diversity of the three brands and their audiences, Mad*Pow needed to create a flexible experience that would be welcoming to existing and new patients alike. The final product allowed patients and families to find information based on terms they were familiar with – like their health needs, doctor, or hometown – in addition to medical specialties and departments. Knowing that the majority of the website’s traffic would from search, pages were highly optimized and designed to make a great first impression no matter what page the user encountered first.

Building trust through content

Hospital websites require well-researched, carefully constructed content that demonstrates clinical expertise while still being approachable and easy to read for patients. In order to guarantee that users would be presented valuable and relevant content across the site, Mad*Pow created a detailed and thoughtful content strategy. Rich articles were cross-linked and designed to carry users from interesting information to useful related services. The result: Users are not able to reach a dead end on the site, always having the opportunity to learn more and dig deeper into their topic of choice if desired.

Beautiful, adaptable visuals

All three of the merging brands had strong brand equity. We wanted users to engage with the new brand through an intuitive experience with consistent branding. Mad*Pow’s team designed a contemporary, visually appealing interface based on a new set of digital brand guidelines. Further, our final prototype was designed to work responsively across platforms, so that users would be assured of a beautiful and consistent experience on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Unification across the brand

The end result of Mad*Pow’s work was a successful design prototype: intuitive, flexible, and personalized in every respect. The new brand was expressed consistently across the language, visuals, and general tone of the site, and the final experience promised a best-in-class solution to all users.

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Large Hospital System
Designing a Unified Solution That’s Both Easy to Use and Easy on the Eyes


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