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A Re-Invented HRA that is Both Creatively Inspired and Scientifically Sound

A global health insurance company wanted to take a fun and engaging approach to health questionnaires. They asked Mad*Pow to create a playful and motivational experience for a serious task, and to balance the fun with scientifically accurate content. Our solution was an application unlike any other on the market, combining the fun of online quizzes with real-world health data.

Project Highlights:
  • Developed a completely fresh, gameful experience for users answering a questionnaire.
  • Used the Mad*Pow healthcare expertise to solve a complex design challenge.

Making a survey fun

There are many theories explaining how websites like Buzzfeed create surveys that feel like games, while few people truly enjoy answering questionnaires. With these theories in mind, Mad*Pow used a lighthearted style to turn what might otherwise be boring questions into an entertaining quiz. Each question was written in a playful tone of voice, and members were promised a big final reveal, based on their answers.

Creating archetypes from answers

Mad*Pow’s understanding of behavioral change and the healthcare world allowed us to create questions with scientific backing that sounded like entertaining quiz questions.  Beyond that, on the final screen, members received much more than a simple “thank you for answering these questions.” Mad*Pow researched the psychology of quizzes and worked with spectrums that focused on psychological and behavioral elements of humans in order to determine the right sort of reveal for this final screen. We ultimately grouped members into animal archetypes, as they might see in a magazine or online quiz.

An innovative experience

An enjoyable and accurate health assessment survey benefits everyone. Members who take the survey enjoy the experience and provide their insurance company with valuable data that allows the company to offer valuable future benefits.  Our goal is to help make every healthcare experience as entertaining and as practical as this one.

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Large Health Insurer
A Re-Invented HRA that is Both Creatively Inspired and Scientifically Sound


Ciara Taylor Managing Director, Behavior Change Design
Samantha Dempsey Senior Behavior Change & Experience Designer
Dustin DiTommaso SVP Behavior Change Design   Contact Dustin

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