Providing Direction to Show Members a World of Options

A large credit union came to Mad*Pow with a vision to show members as well as non-members that their banking credit card could be used anywhere in the world. They had seen industry-used maps that displayed where people were using their banking cards and wanted to offer their members a similar platform for sharing. The client sought our expertise in user research to help them discover what members really want and what they would repeatedly engage with.

Project Highlights

  • Stakeholder workshop efficiently led to a clear direction
  • Leveraging the client’s active Facebook community provided an innovative approach to user research

A different approach for stakeholder involvement

Mad*Pow approached the stakeholder research phase of this project with a slightly new method. After learning that this project was held together mainly by two stakeholders, we thought approaching this stage of research as a group exercise would serve us best, both from an efficiency standpoint as well as a way to reach a solid consensus from which to launch the direction of the project. The stakeholder workshop allowed for quicker unity than if the interviews were done individually.

Social media as a viable research option

User research also led to an interesting approach to the process. With an active Facebook community, Mad*Pow reached out to the client’s loyal members for research participation. The client acted as a moderator through the process by answering questions and addressing comments. This method was a partial success as we were able to test five of the seven respondents. In any future use of this direction, Mad*Pow will ensure that we have more control of the timing of the Facebook post(s) to increase the pool of potential candidates. All of the research garnered from this project gave the large credit union a clear direction. Mad*Pow recommended additional user research on a much larger scale to understand true potential use.

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Large Credit Union
Providing Direction to Show Members a World of Options


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