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Defining a transactional responsive experience and supporting design process

One of the world's largest financial institutions chose to partner with Mad*Pow to explore the feasibility of adopting responsive web design strategy. We guided their team through an exploratory responsive vision project, running the full gamut from foundational research, persona and journey map development, through content strategy, design and technical solutions exploration, and into iterative concept-creation and development. Additionally, we introduced their developers and designers to new responsive techniques, empowering them to adopt these techniques in their future work.

Project Highlights

  • Design studio combined design and development teams for intense collaboration
  • Responsive prototypes created to illustrate RWD concepts and viability
  • RWD process definition in preparation for full enterprise adoption

Design studio leads to rapid evaluation of concepts

Since responsive projects require frequent collaboration and iteration, the mid-point of the project was a hands-on responsive design studio. This brought together a multidisciplinary design and development team from the large banking institution (most of whom hadn't met or collaborated together before) along with strategists, RWD process experts, creative technologists, interaction designers and visual designers from Mad*Pow. Combining functions in close proximity allowed us to rapidly evaluate through proposed concepts on the basis of design, technological and user experience criteria, and gave each team member a new appreciation for the roles and strengths of their peers. The result was extreme agency/client camaraderie and efficiency. The entire team learned through doing, making it not only a design and production activity, but a training activity as well.

Responsively-designed screens contribute to overall product vision

The Mad*Pow team honed the project vision down to a set of responsively-designed screens that included key selling screens (included to demonstrate how content can be retrofitted into a responsive framework). As well as post-login transactional screens, as these had traditionally been a pain point for mobile adaptation for the large banking institution, and so would best prove or disprove whether a responsive approach would work for complex user task flows. The primary output of the project was the responsive prototype - a fully coded, working set of HTML pages with a fully applied design, that served the as an RWD exemplar to garner internal support for future RWD work. Each page supports a desktop, mobile and tablet view. The code and design aesthetic were well developed and sustainable enough to serve as a jumping-off point for future responsive work the large banking institution should choose to undertake.

Designing the design process

Through the iteration on the RWD prototypes we also worked with the client team to iterate on the process used to design the prototypes. Together, we clarified how their internal teams would work together, who would be involved, at what points, and what outputs of the process would be. By the end of the project the RWD process had been defined, refined, and socialized. This RWD process model now serves as the model for the design process at the large banking institution.

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Large Banking Institution
Defining a transactional responsive experience and supporting design process


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