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Taking a Successful In-Clinic Diabetic Weight Loss Program Online

Joslin Diabetes Center is the world’s largest diabetes research and clinical care organization. Still, when it came to touching the lives of people living with diabetes, they could only affect so many people from their home in Boston. With diabetes projected to increase among Americans by 165% between 2000 and 2050, it became a strategic imperative for Joslin to further their reach. Joslin sought Mad*Pow to design a user-centered digital approach that replicated their evidence-based, in-person weight management program.

Project Highlights:

  • Developed game elements to make learning challenging yet supported and fun
  • Integrated interactive and educational content to help users build condition management skills
  • Created online communities for important peer-to-peer support
  • Designed real-time visualization of users’ personal health data to inform patients and their medical team

Going Digital Without Losing the Personal

Historically, Joslin’s 12-week weight management program had relied heavily on in-person doctor visits, counseling sessions, and peer-to-peer classes with others living with diabetes. In moving to a digital platform, Joslin wished to maintain these sources of assistance, support, and encouragement, but deliver them in a different manner.

Interactive Content, Peer Community Guide the Way

Keeping each person engaged in the learning process and properly managing nutrition, fitness, and diabetes was critical to a successful migration. Mad*Pow translated the existing 12-week program into an interactive experience that stepped learning and discovery and delivered content in a variety of formats, including videos and quizzes. As desired and based on their profile or interests, participants could connect with a community of support, and send and receive online empathy and high fives.

Professional Help Still Stands By

The relationship with one’s medical team is a pivotal one in the management of diabetes. To ensure the participants’ medical teams followed their progress and knew their personal health data, Mad*Pow made it simple and efficient to download and share reports.

Digital Solution Reach Goes Nationwide

Joslin's 12-week digital pilot program offered an opportunity for current patients to provide feedback and instruction. This pilot study found that 25% of participants achieved the target of 6% weight loss, which solidifies the collaborative effort between Mad*Pow and Joslin.

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Joslin Diabetes Center
Taking a Successful In-Clinic Diabetic Weight Loss Program Online


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