Creating a Digital Experience Empowering Women to Make Informed Decisions

Moms-to-be get lots of advice. Often, childbirth advice conflicts with moms’ desires and even medical evidence. Informed Medical Decisions Foundation (IMDF), in partnership with Childbirth Connection, sought out Mad*Pow to create a digital guide for expectant mothers that helps them make an empowered, informed, and collaborative labor choice.

Project Highlights:

  • Interviewed world-renowned women’s health professionals to better understand maternity care
  • Collected stories from 16 mothers and expectant mothers to provide real advice
  • Conducted external market scan to identify opportunities and threats
  • Developed brand identity, including product name, to clearly yet snappily convey tool’s focus and audience
  • Developed guided decision-making structure in a digital format

Foundational Research Informs User Experience

IMDF wanted a tool that let the woman create a birth plan based on facts, options, and her personal values. Accordingly, Mad*Pow needed to understand the medical realities of childbirth as well as the personal journey each woman travels. We immersed ourselves in the world of women’s health and maternity care through interviews with world-renowned women’s health professionals. We then contextualized this learning by collecting stories from mothers and expectant mothers to hear firsthand their needs and challenges, from pregnancy through labor.

Creating a Tool to Fill the Void

To understand what tools already existed and where there were gaps and opportunities, Mad*Pow conducted a competitive analysis of existing pregnancy-related websites and mobile apps.

Nuanced Journeys and Solid Strategies

Based on our research and additional collaboration with our clients, Mad*Pow produced a set of personas and narrative consumer journeys to illustrate how the initiative would impact critical maternity decisions. Design concepts and strategic recommendations were woven into the narratives and mapped to sections in the full multi-channel consumer engagement strategy document, which described how to make the envisioned journeys a reality. Our strategy clearly defined the initiative’s objectives, audience, concepts, and plan for execution across web, mobile, print, email, search, and social media.

"The Mad*Pow team’s very unique approach and methods to facilitate two-way client engagement worked really well for us in our strategic planning and design phases. We started with a great idea and aspirational goals and they guided us through the process of defining a plan that emphasized the value we could bring our audiences through our unique position in the market. Thoughtfully and iteratively they created a detailed strategy that propelled us to the next level." 

"Molly Beinfeld, Director of Independent Production "

Giving Birth to a Brand

As this was a new initiative, brand identity was a crucial part of the project. Shared Decision Making Maternity Initiative was the project’s original name—descriptive, but not memorable. Through a facilitated brainstorming process, we landed on PregnantMe. In addition to the new name, Mad*Pow created a tagline, logo, color palette, and visual style guide for the new brand.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Built using the latest HTML/CSS/JavaScript techniques, the design evolved through several rounds of usability testing. Highlights include:

  • Detailed content reviewed by medical editors but simplified by web writing professionals
  • Step-by-step single-page navigation that gradually introduced new bits of information to prevent information overload
  • Animated data visualizations to support better comprehension of complicated statistics
  • Videos of real women to provide “peer” experiences
  • Customizable Q&As and other tools to support value-based decision making

And PregnantMe Makes Three

Stakeholders from IMDF and Childbirth Connection shared this vision at their annual conference of senior medical editors, sparking excitement and energy around the opportunity to transform maternity care. With a clear strategy and refined design, this tool is in development and should be available to women everywhere in 2014.

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Creating a Digital Experience Empowering Women to Make Informed Decisions


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