Responsive Layout Allows Eager Customer Base to Fill Prescriptions on the Go

RightSource, a 90-day mail-order prescription service and subsidiary of Fortune 100 health insurer Humana, is committed to finding opportunities for improving the online experience for their members. By studying the patterns and trends in their site analytics, they discovered that a growing percentage of users were accessing their site through the browsers on their smart phones and tablets, which was good news. The not so good news was that the conversion rate suffered because the website was not optimized for mobile screens. In order to meet the growing demands of their members, RightSource understood it had to address the shortcomings in its web experience.

First and foremost, RightSource aimed to boost their online sales and conversion rates by offering an accessible and consistent website for their users across all devices, form-factors, and screen sizes. In addition, they were introducing new service offerings, which included selling over-the-counter drugs and supplies, as well as integrating a specialty drug ordering system. To accomplish these goals RightSource partnered with Mad*Pow and their proven user-centered design methodologies to design a system of responsive page layouts and components that would provide a consistent, efficient, and viewer-friendly format for the growing number of devices and screen sizes in the marketplace.

Project highlights:

  • Conducted in-depth research with internal stakeholders and existing customers
  • Facilitated onsite design studio methodology to guide brainstorming and iterative sketching
  • Constructed a high-fidelity functional prototype and validated designs through user testing
  • Adhered to and expanded upon corporate brand guidelines
  • Delivered a digital style guide that provided a foundation for further customization

Offering off-the-shelf products, not an off-the-shelf experience

By infusing both research and a collaborative consensus-building methodology into the design process, Mad*Pow was able to craft a unique experience that met the needs of the business and its users. Also, by establishing design principles like: “Show me you know me,” “Always be saving,” “Truth in transparency,” and “Relatable not customizable” we were able to design an experience that stayed true to our vision and aligned with our goals.

A foundation for future enhancements

Through a series of consultations and iterative working sessions, Mad*Pow was able to define what elements were needed for the final delivery package. A “style guide” that included a full collection of page templates, components, graphics, and development assets gave the RightSource design and technology teams the direction they needed in order to complete the development of the site.

Client Quote

“We were quite impressed at how fast our IT Team connected Mad*Pow’s front-end code into our systems. It’s a testament to how useful and effective the style and development guide proved to be … Thank you all for the stellar work you provided us.”– Jim Gregory, RightSource

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Responsive Layout Allows Eager Customer Base to Fill Prescriptions on the Go


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Dana Young Content Strategy Director
Annette Grigely Managing Director, Creative Technology

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