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Changing the Landscape of Digital Healthcare with Gameful Engagement

Healthrageous brings corporate wellness and condition management to the next level. By combining wireless biometric sensors, smart phones, individualized coaching, incentive programs, game mechanics, and social support, Healthrageous provides a real-time, interactive experience that keeps individuals engaged and motivated toward achieving their personal health and wellness goals. Employers large and small adopt Healthrageous to help employees improve health-related behaviors, ultimately reducing the cost of healthcare benefits for both employer and employee.

As the company grew and evolved, Mad*Pow was there to help “level up their game,” partnering on a series of highly collaborative projects over the course of three years.

Project highlights:

  • Corporate identity creation & marketing materials
  • Research & strategy producing a “playbook” for behavior change
  • Detailed design of the gameful experience

An energetic brand for an exciting product

Healthrageous’s core technology was originally developed and tested at the Center for Connected Health, and then spun off as a commercial venture under the name HopSkipConnect. The company's management turned to Mad*Pow to help them craft a new brand and unified messaging strategy. After deciding on the name “Healthrageous,” the team launched into corporate identity creation, marketing materials, social media strategy, website design and flash demo development to breathe life into the new brand and ultimately get the word out.

Envisioning a massively multiplayer behavior change game

Pleased with the previous work, Healthrageous came back with an additional challenge: revitalize their consumer platform with an eye toward game-like engagement. Mad*Pow was thrilled to help them envision the next-generation platform behind the brand we helped build. Through interviews with stakeholders, current users and non-users, the team probed into people’s goals, motivations and barriers surrounding health behavior change. The resulting strategic recommendations were delivered as a “playbook” of game rules and core concepts, grounded in research and motivational psychology.

Behavior change science leads to empowering, playful design

As the company expanded their focus from wellness to chronic condition management, they partnered with us again. The Mad*Pow project team embedded itself at Healthrageous HQ, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the product management team to ensure all details of the design and game mechanics supported strategic needs and target population health goals. Mad*Pow delivered visually designed screens, custom icons and technical specifications to help Healthrageous’ engineering team bring the vision to life.

Meeting people where they are

The Mad*Pow solution starts by identifying players’ current health status and self-perceived abilities in managing their health or chronic conditions. By understanding their attitudes, abilities and barriers to managing and improving their health, they receive individualized digital coaching via small healthy actions in the form of challenges (physical, educational, behavioral) that set the player off on a path to mastery.

Coach is with you every step of the way

By accepting Coach's recommended challenges, participants can measure their progress through a combination of wireless biometric devices, smart phones and web-based self-reporting. Goals are broken down to their smallest effective dose, real-time feedback is given based upon player's progress and the level of challenge is adjusted dynamically based on the Coach's observations.

Measurable progress boosts self-efficacy and motivation

As progress is made and milestones are met, players earn awards, praise and points that can be redeemed for real world prizes. These extrinsic motivators can give a nudge where needed, but the true rewards come from making meaningful progress towards health goals; developing skills and knowledge around condition management; and improving self-efficacy, treatment adherence rates and biometric outcomes.

Achievement unlocked!

Playful interactions, game-based challenge and competition, personalized coaching and community support from players with similar health profiles keeps engagement vibrant and in turn leads to positive outcomes. Thanks in part to the work by Mad*Pow, Healthrageous was acquired by Humana in fall 2013.

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Changing the Landscape of Digital Healthcare with Gameful Engagement


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