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Researching Global Attitudes About Healthy Behaviors

Before a global healthcare company dove into the mobile health market with an app to encourage healthy behaviors, they wanted to be confident of meeting its mark. So the company engaged with Mad*Pow for design of its app as well as global research. Through a rapid-validation process, Mad*Pow confirmed the winning concept.

Project Highlights

  • Developed multiple design concepts for a health app that instills healthy behaviors
  • Conducted global research to vet concepts and identify potential barriers 

Design Concepts Map a Course to Health

The healthcare company understood mobile health tools such as health apps are offering employers, payers, and consumers new, intelligent ways to migrate to healthier behaviors. It was prepared to dive into the market with a well-designed app that supported all aspects of health. Mad*Pow rendered five potential concepts for consideration.

Creating for a Global Consumer

With the concepts in hand, the challenge was determining whether one concept played better globally than another. Starting nationally, Mad*Pow conducted both quantitative and qualitative research. Following this, we leveraged our international partners through our membership in the International User Experience Partners (IUXP) organization. By utilizing our partners’ expertise and native language skills, we led user research in Germany, Chile, China, and South Korea in only five weeks.

Interpreting Findings, Finalizing the Tool

Through review of the quantitative and qualitative findings, Mad*Pow identified the design elements that resonated most strongly, and ferreted out those less desirable. These actionable results guided the company to the optimal app for global use.

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Global Healthcare Company
Researching Global Attitudes About Healthy Behaviors


Susan Mercer Experience Research Director
Dan Berlin VP, Experience Research   Contact Dan
Dustin DiTommaso SVP Behavior Change Design   Contact Dustin
Jamie Thomson Director, Experience Design
Ciara Taylor Managing Director, Behavior Change Design
Stephanie Wykoff Art Director

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