Visualizing Outcomes for Various Healthcare Model Scenarios

GE is a global infrastructure, finance, media and healthcare solutions company which has been shaping our world with groundbreaking innovations for over 130 years. GE’s research methods and development strategies have helped to make it one of the most well-known and trusted global brands. GE Healthcare is world renowned for the top-tier healthcare services it provides to its clients. Mad*Pow was thrilled to be asked to create a simulated data modeling demo for GE Healthcare to use both internally and with outside clients.

Project highlights:

  • Vision workshop to determine project direction
  • Personas and scenarios detail adaptability in wireframes
  • Testing various concepts leads to final design

Interactive model a successful testing option

The goal of this project was to develop an innovative and interactive approach to improving the overall health within specific populations, regions and sectors. We focused solely on existing models within healthcare, such as breast cancer and liver disease, and created an interactive solution that allows users to “test” and compare various models for improvement, from building a new hospital in a region, to increasing access to clean water. One of our challenges was designing a demo that worked not only as a tool for GE’s sales team to use with potential customers, but also as a stand-alone, self-guided experience. The design process began with a vision workshop to decide the focus of the project. By engaging the client at this level early on in the process, we were able to ensure that all details and nuances of the design were implemented to their standards, with our signature flare.

Collaboration and detail lead to demo success

To illustrate the demo’s versatility, the team delivered two main personas with two key scenarios. Our experience and visual design teams worked in close collaboration to create 12 wireframes with highly detailed interfaces and interactions. Implementing additional interaction thinking resulted in a bright color palette and intricate graphics that make it much easier for the end user to understand and organize key data. Building the demo was as intricate a process as designing it. The creation of product trailers involved writing a script, implementing the voice over and enhancing animation.

Check out the GE: SimIndia Modeling Experience Trailer!

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Visualizing Outcomes for Various Healthcare Model Scenarios


Check out the GE: SimIndia Modeling Experience Trailer! Wired Article The Pulse Article
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