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What Will the Future of Mobile Look Like?

Executives at a Fortune 50 health insurance company wanted to evolve their mobile strategy to improve member satisfaction and engagement. The client was especially interested in learning about disruptive mobile technologies that would help them become a leader in the mobile space. Mad*Pow researched the future of mobile apps in the insurance industry and beyond to define a clear growth path for the client.

Project Highlights:

  • Identified common consumer “pain points” when dealing with health insurers
  • Visualized what it’s like for a policyholder to engage with an insurer online
  • Looked into the future of disruptive mobile technologies
  • Balanced function, pizzazz and budget constraints

The Challenge: Looking Beyond the Roadmap

This Fortune 50 health insurance company had a well formed mobile strategy and a roadmap that identified the next couple years of mobile product implementation. However, they had a hard time seeing beyond that roadmap. What would be the “next cool thing” in mobile they could implement to help keep customer satisfaction high while not spending a bundle of cash to do so?

Mind the Gaps!

To identify gaps in the client’s current mobile strategy, Mad*Pow looked at several points of view:

  • The User: What were the “pain points” policyholders experienced in the current app? How did they use their mobile device to engage with the company, and what type of information and tools do they need?
  • The Insurance & Medical Industries: What were other health insurers doing with their mobile strategy? How could we borrow from successful apps in telehealth and other medical areas?
  • Other Industries: Where else could we find inspiration? What disruptive mobile apps are organizations in other industries creating?

Customer Journey: Packaging the Personas

To help the client visualize the impact of their mobile strategy on customer satisfaction, we created a series of personas for typical policyholders:

  • Recent college graduate
  • Young professional
  • Mother with kids
  • Elderly man

We also developed journey maps which outlined the interactions between the insurer and various categories of policyholders. For example, consider the journey of that young professional after she sprains her wrist:

  • When and where would she access the mobile app?
  • Would it show her where the nearest ER or urgent care center is? Would it provide directions?
  • Would it provide information on deductibles and out-of-pocket costs?
  • Would it provide alerts for follow-up appointments?
  • Would it include billing and payment options?

Putting it into Perspective

Mad*Pow respects our clients’ budgets, whether large or small. That’s why for this client, we developed a matrix for our recommendations. The matrix scored each concept according to:

  • Do users want it?
  • Are users excited about it?
  • Is it easy to implement technically?
  • How much will it cost

Results: A Clearer Vision for the Future

To become a leader in the mobile space, organizations first need to have a presence, then grow that presence out to become respected, valued and eventually essential to daily life. The matrix, personas and customer journey maps proved to be valuable tools for identifying the best path forward. The insurer now has a detailed plan to grow its mobile offerings.

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What Will the Future of Mobile Look Like?


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