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ImagineCare: Empowering Patients with Behavior Science and Advanced Technology

World-class health system Dartmouth-Hitchcock is a leader in population health management, renowned for providing value-driven, evidence-based care, when and where people need it most. When Dartmouth-Hitchcock decided to harness its customer-centric mindset,evidence-based care pathways, and a new 24/7 digital health center to create an integrated mobile health solution called ImagineCare, none of the applications on the market fit the team’s vision of a truly proactive and patient-centric platform.  Dartmouth-Hitchcock approached Mad*Pow to help design and develop a revolutionary new set of mobile and web applications that support the service and disrupt healthcare as we know it.

Project Highlights:

  • The project resulted in a 50% reduction in poorly managed blood pressure in 6 weeks, and an incredible 95% satisfaction rate
  • Drew on Mad*Pow’s expertise in patient-facing and clinician-facing systems
  • Helped clarify and visualize the vision to support conversations with executive leadership and back-end technology vendors
  • The start of a long-term partnership
  • Mad*Pow's development team implemented and delivered the native iOS app and Angular-based dual-screen clinician web application, integrating against an Azure-based server-side solution that we helped define.

Refining the Vision

“We’re dedicated to creating a different world. A world in which healthcare takes place outside clinic and hospital walls, in the places where people live. That’s the right answer.”

- Jim Weinstein, Dartmouth-Hitchcock CEO and President

The ImagineCare team is guided by one passion: making the customer's health goals the center of everything they do. They had lots of great ideas and strong clinical expertise to support this passion, but they needed help narrowing down key features and how customers and clinicians would interact via the service. Mad*Pow conducted a series of stakeholder interviews, and then a design workshop with clinicians, product managers, and executive leadership which helped everyone get on the same page and start visualizing their ideas as something tangible.

Someone to Watch Over Me

The customer iOS app provides patients with a quick overview of what they need to do each day and how they are doing, using Bluetooth to connect customers’ phones with sensors like blood pressure cuffs and weight scales. Data is transmitted securely to the cloud, where it is analyzed automatically by clinical algorithms. If any serious trends emerge, ImagineCare clinicians are alerted and reach out to the customer via his or her preferred method of contact.

A Direct Line to Care

Through the app, customers have an open line of communication to the ImagineCare clinical team 24/7 via chat, video call, or phone call. This ease of access allows small touchpoints to add up over time to a strong relationship with the care team, and better overall care. This platform presents care teams with unprecedented access to new information as they make decisions on engagement and care.

Seeing the Whole Person

“The real-time interaction with the ImagineCare team makes me feel like someone is looking out for my health and best interest.” –an ImagineCare patient

The app’s robust profile section and daily quizzes help ImagineCare gather a wide variety of information from customers gradually over time. The focus isn’t just on medical data – the ImagineCare team wants to build an understanding of the customer as a whole person, from stressors to favorite sports teams. Mad*Pow worked closely with clinicians to prioritize the information they wanted to see, resulting in an innovative dual-screen web app that enables a robust view of data with minimal clicks.

Product Impact
• 20%+ reduction in total cost of care
• $298+ per-member-per-month (PMPM) improvement in total cost of care
• 23% reduction in ER costs
• 6% reduction in avoidable ER visits
• 50% improvement in high blood pressure patients, bringing them into controlled ranges
• 4x the engagement when compared nationally to other health and wellness programs

A Long-Term Partnership

Following the soft launch in 2015, the teams saw a 50% reduction in poorly managed blood pressure in the first six weeks, as well as a 95% satisfaction rate. That’s nearly four times the national employer health and wellness program engagement rate!

Mad*Pow continues to collaborate with the ImagineCare team on the detailed design and development of the solution.

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Empowering Patients with Behavior Science and Advanced Technology


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