Building a Web-based Money Saving Tool for Electricity Consumers

In an effort to help individuals make a confident choice and save money, CurrentChoice provides its customers the knowledge they need to save money with lower-priced electricity options when switching to a competitive energy supplier. When approached to build out and develop V1.0 of the site, Mad*Pow dove right in!

Project details:

  • Clickable prototype demonstrates use of the application
  • Engaging design helps usability
  • SEO and SEM efforts secure possible clients

Idea becomes realization

CurrentChoice came to Mad*Pow with nothing but an idea and we were able to assist them in taking the idea of what it could be and making it into a tangible experience. Mad*Pow created a clickable prototype, which CurrentChoice utilized to establish future partnerships with electricity suppliers. The application itself is a web-based money saving tool that is both user friendly and visually appealing. The attractive color palette and design is reinforced by the amount of detailed information provided to the consumer, which makes the tool so effective. This screen-based prototype doesn’t boast much interaction, however is able to effectively illustrate the story of how the everyday consumer and/or supplier can use the application to sign up for a specific cost saving energy service.

Social media practices ensure continued success

After many successful previews with various suppliers, the prototype was then fully designed and developed. The pleasing visual design and effective content was essential to the success of the tool and well received by the CurrentChoice team. In addition, CurrentChoice looked to secure potential customers and suppliers through Social Media. Mad*Pow leveraged SEO and SEM techniques to increase acquisition and retention rates to guarantee market success. Designing CurrentChoice Facebook and Twitter accounts allowed Mad*Pow to ensure both welcome pages stayed true to the CurrentChoice brand and allowed easy access to any information both the consumer and supplier would need.

Collaboration receives rave reviews

This highly collaborative project ( a great success for everyone involved. CurrentChoice is elated with the end result, Mad*Pow is thrilled to continue work with CurrentChoice in the future and both individual customers and suppliers are happy to be using the tool. For its pilot launch in the Pittsburg area, CurrentChoice has recognized great feedback and positive press, most notably from the Wall Street Journal. With its sights on oil & natural gas down the road and electricity deregulation in Europe, CurrentChoice is set up nicely to corner the market and continue helping the consumer/supplier save money for years to come.

Client quotes

“We have been told countless times by industry experts and our customers that our site is in a completely different class than anything else out there.” – Alan Lehmann, Co-Founder & President, CurrentChoice.

“Mad*Pow delivered service and a finished product that just blew away all my expectation. Their attention to detail, on time delivery of products and to the individual needs of their client is outstanding and unique in my experience.” – Douglas Luckerman, Co-Founder & General Counsel, CurrentChoice.


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Building a Web-based Money Saving Tool for Electricity Consumers


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