Boosting Customer Retention Through a Revitalized Website Design

Constant Contact, an industry leader assisting small businesses with their online marketing, was launching a significant third product offering and knew they had to reevaluate their entire website architecture. Since they really wanted their offerings to resonate with their highly disparate target audiences and needed to know more about the mindsets and behavior of their customers and prospects, Constant Contact came to Mad*Pow for help.

Project highlights:

  • Usability tests uncover missing opportunities in current site
  • User research reveals what is important to users
  • Stakeholder input provides business goals

Extensive research methods progress into real concepts

In a highly competitive market, Constant Contact relied on our expertise to engage with their users, allowing their feedback to shape the future of their website's design. We sought to understand the successes and gaps of the current Constant Contact site through initial research. We performed a usability test of the current site, interviewing small business owners interested in using email marketing as a tool for growing their business. We engaged with their audiences via focus groups, online surveys, and cardsorting exercises. The combination of these user research methods showed us what information customers needed from Constant Contact's site and the quickest way to discover that information. Throughout the user research and the design process, we worked alongside Constant Contact stakeholders, immersing them in feedback from real people and our evolving ideas.

Site visitor interaction aligns with digital design

Our extensive user research shaped the forthcoming design. Our wireframe mock-ups mapped out the overhaul to the information architecture and demonstrated new conceptual paradigms. We then conducted a series of reviews with users to see which designs suited their needs and garnered the highest emotional connection. Their new site resulted in a significant increase in the number of users signing up for Constant Contact's free 60-day trial. They were thrilled with the reactions and the general industry buzz when their new site was launched. In addition, Constant Contact felt the new site truly reflected their brand essence.


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Constant Contact
Boosting Customer Retention Through a Revitalized Website Design


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