Creating Concepts for Medication Adherence

As part of the “EveryDose, EveryDay” initiative, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health consulting organization John Snow, Inc. (JSI) partnered with Mad*Pow to create a native mobile phone app to support HIV medication adherence.  Designed for both iOS and Android devices, “EveryDose, EveryDay” goes beyond typical reminder apps, offering a variety of features that provide the support and motivation necessary to foster adherence.

Adherence is More Than Just Reminders

Our primary task was to make it as easy as possible for patients to log doses of what is often an unpleasant regimen of medications. However, front-end user research revealed that HIV medication adherence is a complicated undertaking, and patients need more than just the periodic reminder—they also need motivation and encouragement to stay on track. To address these requirements, Mad*Pow designed features including daily tips and links, a buddy tool for building a personal support network, and the ability to add an inspirational photo as a personal reminder of why medication adherence is important. 

Seeing the Big (Data) Picture

While prompting patients to log each dose is important, it is only the first step in building adherence competency. Each time a patient logs a dose, this data is used to create a visualization of adherence over a given week, month, or year, thus revealing a bigger picture of progress. Similarly, when patients visit their health providers for CD4 count and Viral Load readings (lab data by which patient health is measured), these stats are graphed so both patient and provider can have results handy for review. 

Leveraging Native Functionality

Once the overall experience was created, the design and development teams worked closely together to outline how each feature would be translated for the iOS and Android platforms. When possible, we took advantage of recommended developer libraries to get the best of both platforms, enabling us to avoid costly overruns in time and resources that can often come with customization.

Privacy is Paramount

To comply with strict privacy requirements, all patient data is entered by the patient and stored on the device. In addition, password protection and customizable reminders mean users won’t unintentionally share their medical information with prying eyes (a key concern of our user test group).

An Engaging and Affirmative User Interface

The interface is designed to be intuitive and engaging to encourage regular use. After creating two visual design concepts, the project team decided on a clean, streamlined approach that addressed the client’s desire to convey the positive nature of adherence. To make sure the interactions and visuals were on track, usability testing was conducted on designed screens, which were then fine-tuned based on participant feedback.

Digital toolkit for HIV Medication Adherence

Medication adherence is more than nagging reminders. Through targeted user research, Mad*Pow was able to understand the challenges and complexities of adherence for people living with HIV, and design an application that supports their needs, motivates them, and builds confidence for successful adherence. Once product details are finalized, the CDC plans to release the apps to both Apple and Google stores, ensuring a broad reach to those patients who are looking for an innovative tool for HIV medication adherence.

Client Quote

“Working with Mad*Pow was an experience I'd happily repeat. They are creative, responsive, user-focused, and clearly invested in producing a final result that is both functional and beautiful. Every project runs into challenges, and having a

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Creating Concepts for Medication Adherence


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