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Delivering an Improved Mail Order Pharmacy Experience

Carolinas HealthCare System is one of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations dedicated to providing a full spectrum of healthcare and wellness programs to their patients as well as their employees and their families. With 60,000 full time and part-time employees, they provide superior benefits including their mail order pharmacy that their teammates can use to fill and refill their maintenance medications online and receive them by convenient mail order. To increase the demand for their mail order service, Carolinas sought Mad*Pow as a research partner who could explore the current service offering, gather, and analyze the research into meaningful insights and strategic recommendations to strengthen their online service.

Project Highlights:

  • Provided strategic recommendations for mail order pharmacy service improvement
  • Collaborated with Carolinas’ employees to help design an ideal experience at an on-site workshop
  • Educated Carolinas’ team on user-centered design practices and benefits

Sensing the Project Space

Mad*Pow launched a research project to learn why a small percentage of employees utilize the Carolina Care mail order pharmacy and furthermore how to provide them with a better experience. Additionally, the project identified important stakeholders and employees to determine their expectations, motivations, priorities, emotional states, and needs as it related to the service. The research team conducted one-on-one interviews with employees, family members of employees, and stakeholders, as well as a detailed heuristic evaluation of the current service, and provided several case studies to give Carolinas’ a grasp on their competitor’s pharmacy offerings. All of the research was documented and analyzed to determine how Carolina HealthCare System can provide a better online experience for those who utilize the service to fill and refill their maintenance medication prescriptions.

Improving the Mail-Order Pharmacy Experience

Carolinas HealthCare System is one of the nation's leading healthcare organizations with a full spectrum of programs including those for their employees. Employees, and their families, are given the benefit of utilizing an internal mail order pharmacy service in order to fill and refill their maintenance prescription medications. However, through the years Carolinas has seen only a small percentage of their employees utilizing the service, all the while receiving positive and negative feedback about the online site. Carolinas HealthCare system reached out to Mad*Pow in order to find out why employees are choosing not to use the service and to provide strategic recommendations about how they could improve it to make it a better experience for their employees. In order to improve the service, Mad*Pow uncovered areas of opportunity for an improved experience through interviews with stakeholders and employees as well as other qualitative methods and ultimately delivered future principles and strategic and visual solutions that will allow for this improvement.

Highlighting Key Service Recommendations

Among the outcomes of this research project was a large amount of qualitative data to help give Carolinas’ an inside look at the experiences that their stakeholders, employees, and family members were having while filling and refilling their maintenance medication prescriptions. The research revealed key recommendations based on intensive research and analysis in the form of stakeholder interviews, employee/user interviews, a heuristic site evaluation and report, and a stakeholder on-site workshop where those invited ideated on potential ways to strengthen the mail order pharmacy.

Some of the key recommendations through this process included providing real time updates via email, text, or the online site where users can be up to date on where their prescription is in the mail order process such as when it is done being process, filled, prepared for shipment, shipped, and arrival. By giving the user an expectation of their prescription arrival this solution seeks to alleviate any anxiety they may have about not being informed on what is happening with their medications. Other key recommendations include automatic processing of prescriptions, a new portal view that is easier to read and more accessible, the addition of drug information along with potential interactions, and the elimination of requiring a social security number upon sign-up. By providing these recommendations, Mad*Pow supported Carolinas HealthCare System by gathering important data to improve their mail order pharmacy experience in a manner which will lead to higher employee satisfaction and increased usage

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Carolinas Healthcare
Delivering an Improved Mail Order Pharmacy Experience


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