Using SEO to Drive Traffic and Donations

Since 1999, ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) has been committed to conducting cutting-edge research that yields effective treatments for those living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). A nonprofit biotechnology organization, ALS boasts an impressive drug development pipeline offering patients a variety of therapeutic strategies aimed at minimizing ALS symptoms and maximizing quality of life. After the success of our first project, a complete redesign of the ALS TDI website, ALS TDI re-engaged Mad*Pow to improve the new site’s overall SEO strength to improve visibility, drive traffic, and increase donations.

Project Highlights

  • Developed an SEO strategy to improve visibility and ranking
  • Transferred search values throughout website pages for optimized results
  • Implemented sophisticated tracking system to monitor metrics

Understanding the Traffic Patterns

Mad*Pow started with an analytics review to establish what keyword search queries drove users to the ALS TDI website. We then looked at their marketplace—publications and fundraisers for ALS research—to determine their standing and isolate what could improve it and their donor success.

Minding the Gap

As part of developing the SEO strategy, Mad*Pow also conducted a gap analysis to understand missed opportunities. We considered where they needed to change their website structure to meet SEO best practices for better indexing and receive more search strength from search engines.

Strategy and Effort Validated by Successful Performance Metrics

ALS TDI has seen their overall search visibility improve from 16% to 24%. This increase in search engine indexing was realized through the top site pages collectively landing in the first three search engine results pages (listings 1-30). After three months, ALS TDI saw site traffic from search engines increase by 4.06% and experienced an 11.06% increase in unique visitors. By involving ALS writers, researchers, programmers and fundraisers in the process, Mad*Pow was able to deliver a holistic SEO approach for the organization that keeps ALS TDI competitive and delivering continued resources and support to its community.


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Using SEO to Drive Traffic and Donations


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Jon Mackin Digital Strategy Director
Mickey Burns VP Project Management & Delivery

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